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Set of 3 of our best scents, the ultimate introduction to natural perfumes

A gift set of three of our best scents.
The ultimate introduction to natural perfumes.


An exotic retreat to a distant tropical paradise.

The top notes of Paradise will appeal to lovers of gourmand-type scents. Vanilla, caramel toffee and perhaps a hint of banana leaf will be evoked.

Paradise has an instant uplifting and luxurious quality and it is the rare, expensive and exquisite Australian Boronia that sits at the heart of the perfume and leads it to rich aged woody base notes.

A whirlwind of true delight.


The smoky orange intensity of a femme fatale, like glowing amber coals.

Blood orange and bergamot partner with a tangy sharp top note that is immediately softened by the rare Chinese silk vine and the butteriness of tuberose.

The magnificence of rose and the deep sexy leathery quality of labdanum soften this further still to create an empowering sultry energy.

Fiercely feminine.


Daring and bold. A mysterious encounter on a dark, still night.

Deep exotic florals delectably garnished with peppery top notes. Rare and unique, Blood Moon features the original combination of the prized Red Champaka with the heady Magnolia and a touch of cherry extract to create depth and dimension.

A novel scent that will arouse curiosity and admiration. At the perfumes base is a dry soft woodiness with a mild spicy quality.


  • 100% Pure Botanicals
  • Usage & Care
  • Shipping
  • Made simply from the finest absolutes, extracts and essential oils.

    Zero synthetic fragrances
    , parabens, phthalates and sodium lauryl sulfate, commonly found in commercial perfumes.

    Animal Friendly: Our perfumes are tested on humans and are free from animal musks and other animal products.

    Ingredients: Ethanol, pure essential oils/plant extracts, rose water, vegetable glycerine

  • Eau de Parfum Concentrate
    Don't let the small bottle deceive you, there's 100-200+ applications in each full size 15mL bottle

    Light application: 1 spray
    Medium application: 2 sprays
    Heavy application: 3 sprays

    We recommend a light-medium application but do keep your bottle in your purse for a top up if you plan to extend your scent into the evening.

    Keep out of sunlight & heat
    Natural essential oils are sensitive to light & heat so be sure to store somewhere dark and below 35°C to keep your perfume fresh.

    Patch test first
    Discontinue use if skin irritation occurs.

    Avoid spraying near light clothing
    The natural colour of the botanical ingredients in our perfumes can stain so take care to spray away from light clothing.

  • Free Standard Delivery within Australia

    $5.00 flat rate for Express Delivery

    International shipping available except for USA/Canada. Please email for a custom quote.

    If you are from the USA/Canada but are interested in our perfumes, please let us know as they may become available to you in future. 

If you would like to select your own scents for this gift set, add your choice of 3 in the order notes at checkout.  

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