Lunarii was created by Jason, a Sydney based healer, artist and scientist with an interest in alchemy. It started with a growing dissatisfaction with big brand fragrances that smelled flat, sickly sweet and were more synthetic than akin to a bouquet of real flowers. To him, the whole idea of a perfume was meant to be a way of exuding a sensual and enchanting aura made of fiery air, as the natural components of the perfume blended with the natural oils and heat of the skin.


The effect of a good perfume should inflame imagination, desire and perhaps a racing pulse.

A lot of modern perfumery has seemingly lost it’s way in the commercialised world. With this, the seeds of a challenge were sown! The aim – to create real perfumes made from rare and luxurious absolutes, extracts and essential oils. Not simple combinations of common, aromatherapy shop smells, but delicate, intriguing, complex scents that are singularly original.

Armed with a perfectionist zeal and methodical precision, after hundreds of experiments and countless hours of reading and training, the answers slowly emerged and eventually the Lunarii range came into full bloom.

The journey has only just begun and will continue with future releases planned, so stay tuned and enjoy!

Website and design by Estelle Felix
Product photography by Rita Oh