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An exotic retreat to a distant tropical paradise

From $49.00

Sample Packs

Set of 3, 5 or all 7 scents to find which scents work best for you

From $20.00

Premium Gift Set

Set of 3 of our best scents, the ultimate introduction to natural perfumes



The smoky orange intensity of a femme fatale, like glowing amber coals

From $49.00

Classic Gift Set

Set of 3 uniquely crafted, classical floral scents


Summer Gift Set

Set of 3 refreshingly light and uplifting scents of Summer


Exotic Gift Set

Set of 3 bold and exotic scents full of character, sure to charm


Blood Moon

Daring and bold. A mysterious encounter on a dark, still night

From $49.00


Narcotic and spellbinding, inciting desire

From $49.00

Black Satin

The deep alluring enchantment of long nights out under the stars

From $49.00

Queen of Hearts

An exulting euphoria unfurling like a rose-laden carpet into the sky

From $49.00


A warm summer breeze on a sunny afternoon

From $49.00